Do you have zero IT staff and zero hours in a day to turn your technology into one of your greatest business assets?…

Are you tired of old, unreliable infrastructure?

Are you done with waiting hours and days for help from tech support?

Are you fed up with worrying about whether you’re meeting your regulatory compliance requirements?

Are you stressed out just by thinking about getting audited?

Do you need better cybersecurity protections?

If so, you need our fully managed IT Services plan

Our plan is built around three core systems:

Strategic Technology Management

Cybersecurity Monitoring & Data Protection

Infrastructure Readiness & Performance

Strategic Technology Management:

Gain ongoing visibility and clarity into your IT systems and processes so you can make the best technology decisions for your company’s needs and budget.

Ongoing Virtual Chief Information Security Officer


Onboarding tech audit


Regular reporting


Policy creation and management


Documentation of IT infrastructure


Management of additional vendors