They absolutely love what they do, which is apparent in the quality of their work. As a small non-profit without an IT department, we not only needed standard IT support, we needed someone to help us determine the best and most cost effective products and systems. I researched and interviewed several different companies for months and ended up selecting the Network Gurus because of their knowledge, passion, and comprehensive services that would not lead to surprise expenses in our tight budget. The Network Gurus worked with us to determine our current needs and gave us a pathway to meet our future goals within our budget. They helped us find non-profit pricing and the best deals on new hardware, saving us time and money. Before the Network Gurus we were limping along, but now we are able to focus on our work, knowing that our data is safe and secure and that our systems are perfectly functioning. Whenever issues arise or we have needed additional services, Mark and Evan are very quick to respond through their very user friendly help request system. They even checked in on us before Hurricane Irma and helped us reconnect our server the day after the storm! It was remarkable that we were able to resume our office operations during a disaster while we were flooded in and running on generators. Thanks to the Network Gurus, our operation is running smoothly, and we no longer waste time and money on IT issues.

Alison Grand, PHD

Lemur Coservation Foundation

Network Gurus provided exceptional service to us when I set up my new medical practice. They were extremely attentive and comprehensive in their assistance to us. Always very easy to reach with every problem we have had through the years and very responsive and effective in solving the issues. No long wait times , no long phone chains, or being connected to someone overseas.
They handled every IT issue from hardware to software and as they were local could quickly be on site when needed. Both Evan and Mark were through their years in working in the field were also able to give us good insight and direction as we faced any issue that came up. Very grateful for their help.

Nadia Satya Urato

Sarasota Satya Dermatology

Evan is extremely good in anticipating and then meeting your IT needs and exceeded all expectations. He explains in real words so I could follow the fix he did on my own and his prices are very reasonable. Easy to work with, reliable, I definitely recommend Evan and The Network Gurus!

Kimbra Lyle

Hands down the best, “period”. Evan has a great quality, in every IT crisis, he always becomes the smartest guy in the room. He is truly the “Go To Guy” or an “IT Guru”. It was easy for me to identify him as honest and trust his guidance instantly. For Managed IT Services there is no comparison.

Richard Bolduc

The Rhinos Web

As my service provider for all IT needs, The Network Gurus allow us to focus on our core business and not worry about the things we don’t specialize in.

Lianne Charton

Accusource, Inc.

Evan is a brilliant businessman, excelling in both technological innovation and human relations. He holds to high ethical standards that earn trust in financial matters and service.

Donna Wolf

After a virus caused our acting IT guy to replace our software, beginning with an upgraded system, and then upgraded all software. My files were gone for good. At least that’s what I thought. Luckily someone told me about the Network Gurus, and the owner Evan. He recovered everything as though it never happened. I tell everyone to go ask the Gurus now.

Leslie Carpenter

Keller Williams